SEW Consulting Group, Inc.

Discrete, Non-Disruptive, Small Team Engagements

SEW Consulting Group is one of the oldest research and integration firms in the Digital Asset Management industry.  We led the definition of what DAM is today and what DAM technologies have become by being in the forefront of the industry.

SEW sets itself apart as a leader of innovative thinking in the DAM and WCM marketplace.

Strategic Research

SEW brings our expertise and detailed modeling techniques to help your company define a strategic and financial plan for enterprise systems implementations.

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Implementation of Advanced Tech

To realize the full benefit of complex, advanced software, clients will need a well-honed, systems architecture that clearly defines the integration points across the related systems.

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Innovation Lab

The SEW Innovation Lab enables us to provide support for clients, "Proof of Concept" initiatives as well as explore 3rd party software integrations so clients can fully exercise and review software capabilities.

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Research & Development

The R&D team provides in-depth, technical engineering research into how various software products work, what the key integration points are as well as the release structures across the various vendors.

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Strategic Start Up Investments

SEW can provide  quiet, non-disruptive ways of growing a new business and ecosystem.

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